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The best self-tapping screws on the market

The “self-tapping screws” are normally used on sheet metal surfaces and similar materials. They are often used for roof cladding and for mounting metal and PVC windows. The self-tapping screws can be inserted into an existing hole, or alternatively they may require the use of a drill. When you buy self-tapping screws you will have to choose… Read More »

The best hot glue and silicone guns on the market

The silicone gun and hot glue gun have become common tools in toolboxes. The former is ideal for professionals, while the latter is increasingly used by DIY enthusiasts for their projects. Both are now present in almost all homes. However, someone thinks they can use them indiscriminately and in this guide we will see why it is not… Read More »

The best impact wrenches on the market: our selection

The impact wrench may not be the most common tool, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful – quite the opposite. This tool is now a very important help for those who carry out DIY activities, but above all for professional mechanics who have to work all the time with bolts. An impact wrench will allow… Read More »

The best portable radios on the market: our selection

Welcome to our article dedicated to portable radio. It is since 1960 with “All football minute by minute” that the combination of radio and sport has become part of popular culture. And, despite the multiple technological advances that have driven the world of sound in recent years, there are still those who are betting on conventional options… Read More »