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The best spray guns on the market: our selection

The spray gun helps you to restore shine to old objects. And although Neruda has already said, “we, those of that time, are already no longer the same”, with certain articles it is something else. A good coat of paint can bring back the verve of the past! In this way, you will not only improve its useful… Read More »

The best mechanical car alarms on the market: our selection

The growing demand for a car alarm shows that in our country the problem of car theft is not to be underestimated. The likelihood of suffering this type of crime mainly depends on the place of residence, as well as the make and model of the vehicle. How to minimize the risk? Using a mechanical or electronic car… Read More »

The best tool trolleys on the market

Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourself lover, tool trolleys are an indispensable mobile element. Thanks to these, manual work can also continue outside one’s own laboratory or workshop. In fact, a tool trolley can turn into a real mobile laboratory. Equipment installation work and home repairs are the most common uses of this tool, which… Read More »

The best wiper blades on the market

Driving with a dirty windshield is an unnecessary risk that is easy to avoid. To do this, you need to make sure that the windshield washer fluid reservoir is not empty and that the wiper blades are of quality and in good condition. Also, good brushes are essential for better visibility when you have to drive on… Read More »

The best soldering irons on the market

There are many people who like to take the time to repair their electronic devices and the soldering iron is one of the indispensable tools for this purpose. Anyone who has opened an electronic device knows that the internal connections are made thanks to welds between the various components. However, not everyone knows what type of soldering… Read More »

The best electric drills on the market

If you are a DIY lover and you need a new tool for your jobs, you are in the right place. Anyone who does DIY needs to have an electric drill. Read on for our guide if you need help comparing and choosing the best electric drills on the market. Electric drills are indispensable tools for any… Read More »

The best self-tapping screws on the market

The “self-tapping screws” are normally used on sheet metal surfaces and similar materials. They are often used for roof cladding and for mounting metal and PVC windows. The self-tapping screws can be inserted into an existing hole, or alternatively they may require the use of a drill. When you buy self-tapping screws you will have to choose… Read More »

The best hot glue and silicone guns on the market

The silicone gun and hot glue gun have become common tools in toolboxes. The former is ideal for professionals, while the latter is increasingly used by DIY enthusiasts for their projects. Both are now present in almost all homes. However, someone thinks they can use them indiscriminately and in this guide we will see why it is not… Read More »

The Best Riveting tools for threaded inserts: our selection

Joining two pieces of metal or wood is a matter of seconds. A threaded insert riveter can be the tool you need and it will help you with any business, be it professional or domestic. Riveting machines for threaded inserts can easily replace the hammer and simplify the joining of aluminum plates or other materials of little… Read More »

The Best Riveting tools on the market: our selection

The riveter is a very practical and economical tool that is extraordinarily useful for a multitude of jobs: from mechanics to the manufacture of footwear and accessories. Everything from the plane taking you on vacation to your belt buckle and your computer card is riveted together. Obviously, an aircraft riveter will not be the same as… Read More »