How to get funding for a business

By | April 20, 2021

How to get investors. An investor is someone who is also important for the continuity and development of your business.

Especially for those of you who have bright and useful ideas to develop, and can be a way to success, but don’t have the funds to make them happen. When that happens, you can find an investor who will help you to make this happen.

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how to get funding for a business,how to handle investors in your business,how to convince investors to invest in your business pdf,how to find investor,potential investors for a business,various way of funding your business,masterclass for business,how to get capital for business

What is an Investor?

As we know, investors are people who will donate funds, invest, or participate in building a business with you. In addition to helping inject funds, he will also get a few percent of the profits that you will get.

But how do you get these investors? So, we have summarized some ways that will make you no longer hesitate to find investors. But before you know how to get investors, you also need to know about what things will be assessed by investors.

How to Get Investors

Finding and getting investors is not something easy. You need to build the investor’s trust to donate funds to you.

Especially if the type of business or business you want to start is a new innovative venture. Then you need to take his trust first.

Here are the ways to get investors that we have summarized.

1. Submit a Business Proposal

The first way to get investors is to submit a proposal. As we know, a proposal is a tool to ask permission to get something. In looking for investors, you also need a proposal to be submitted to the investor.

Then you need to make a proposal that is as attractive as possible. The things that you write in the proposal must also be true, such as the company’s vision and mission, cash flow, plans, ideas and innovations, product description, and so on.

2. Make a Short Presentation

Making an eye-catching presentation is an important way of getting investors after proposing. In this presentation, later you will explain brief details in your proposal.

So to attract the attention of potential investors, you also need to make a presentation that is attractive, pleasing to the eye, and also neat so that it can be better understood by the viewer.

You can make important points in your presentation slides. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make a great presentation. Now many websites make attractive PowerPoint templates such as Canva, Slides, and many more.

Besides that, you also have to be skilled and confident when explaining to investors. Your self-confidence is also an assessment so that you don’t appear to hesitate in running this business.

Because even though potential investors have read your proposal, it will be even more convincing if you explain it directly, investors will usually judge it from your initial appearance in the presentation.

3. Describe Business Risks

It cannot be denied that every business will have risks, be it a small business or a large one. In this case, investors must know what risks will arise from your business.

It is even possible that the potential investor will advise so that your business can reduce this risk. But if you hide the risk of your business from investors, it could be that you will lack respect from potential investors. So openness is needed so that both parties know what will happen to your business.

4. Creating a Business Strategy

Even though the capital that you will get is not your own, you also need to make a strategy to minimize business capital. Because where will you take your business if you don’t have a mature strategy. This strategy will also lead you to the prospects for your business later.

You will also explain this business strategy to potential investors to increase their trust. The better and more mature the strategy you have, the more confidence will be in the hearts of potential investors.

5. Financial Report

Financial reports are very important. Because as investors, they want to get profit from what they have spent. So the financial reports that you make must be good, neat, and promising reports.

Because later this financial report will also be a consideration for potential investors. Then you have to make a promising profit so that potential investors are interested in investing in you.

6. Creating a List of Prospective Investors

The next way to get investors is to make a list of potential investors. You can do this list if you already have a target investor or person who you hope to become your investor.

But you also have to make a lot of lists, meaning that you don’t just stick to one person. Because this will provide opportunities for you to avoid the wrong target, be more directed, and speed up your work.

You also shouldn’t be careless in making this list. You must include names that have high potential.

7. Participating in Exhibitions and Competitions

How to get investors on this one can also be called an instant way. Because by participating in exhibitions and competitions, there will be many investors who come and see. So use this method if you want your product to be glimpsed by the media and investors.

When exhibiting or competing, use a concept that is as attractive as possible. The more interesting the concept you make, the more investors will come to invest in you.

What Investors Will Assess

Before deciding to give you some funds, investors must have several considerations. You also need to know these considerations so that you don’t make mistakes when trying to convince the investor. Some of these are:

1. Unique Ideas

Unique ideas or products will immediately attract the hearts of investors. So in making products and proposing ideas, make these ideas into something new or innovative that is unique so that they have a good selling value.

2. Business Plan

In building a business or business, you need to have a business plan, such as what you want to make in the future, like what, what is the marketing strategy, who are the target buyers, where you will sell it, through what media or platform, and so on.

3. Who Is Running The Business

Surely investors want to know what kind of person will run the business, it can be seen from their educational background, experience, what achievements they have, and so on.

This will increase the investor’s confidence if your educational background, achievements, and experience are good things.

4. Profit Sharing Process

Before giving you a cash injection, an investor will also want to know how he will benefit from your business. So use a way that is good and equally beneficial for both parties, and explain it in a good way so that there is no misunderstanding.

After you know what investors will judge, it’s time for you to find out how to get investors.

So, that’s how to get investors, which we have summarized for you businessmen. Remember, that not only capital will determine the fate of your business, creativity is also needed for your business to continue to grow and have new things.

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