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Public-Private Partnership: Definition, Types, Benefits, Disadvantages

What it is: A public-private partnership or public–private partnership is an arrangement in a public sector project involving the private sector. It is a long term partnership and the private sector may be involved in financing, construction or operation, depending on the type of partnership.  It has been applied in many countries, especially to build infrastructure projects such as… Read More »

Corporate Social Responsibility: Definition, Importance, Benefits, Disadvantages

What it is: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a concept in which companies balance three aspects: profit, people and the environment. They pursue high profits and operate ethically in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. It requires them to be not only economically efficient but also fair in their dealings with their stakeholders. Philanthropic activities are examples of corporate… Read More »

Social Audit: Definition, Importance, Benefits, Limitations

What it is: A social audit is a formal and systematic examination of corporate social responsibility. It examines and focuses on the company’s impact on society and reviews related company practices and policies. It is important to know how responsible the company is to its social environment and how well the company is achieving its social responsibility goals. Social audits… Read More »