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Pressure Group: Definition, Examples, Types, Importance

What it is: A pressure group is an organization with an agenda to lobby or persuade governments or businesses to change their behavior, policies, decisions or take action on a particular issue.  Some members may refer to their organizations as lobby groups and interest groups to avoid associations and negative perceptions about their organization. Pressure groups usually have… Read More »

Non-Governmental Organizations: Definition, Examples, Funding

What it is: A non-governmental organization or NGO (NGO) is an organization legally formed without the participation or representation of any government. So, they are not owned and associated with the government.  NGOs are usually established to provide services to their members and others. They are a non-profit organization and are active in voicing and advocating for humanitarian, social and… Read More »

Public Goods: Definition, Characteristics, Examples

What: Public goods (public goods) is the stuff that when you use does not reduce its availability for others. And, you also cannot prevent others from using and benefiting from them. Examples of public goods include clean air, national defense, street lights, flood control systems, lighthouses, and justice. Governments usually provide public goods. The private sector is reluctant to supply it… Read More »