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Commercial Marketing: How It Works, How It Is Different From Social Marketing

What it is: Commercial marketing is the effort to profitably promote and sell products. The key word here is profit. It is the antithesis of social marketing, which has a non-profit motive and seeks to educate consumers about collective social issues. To gain profit, companies study the needs, market demands and market competition through market research. Then, they develop a set… Read More »

Market Orientation: How it Works, Strengths and Weaknesses

What it is: Market orientation is a business strategy in which a company focuses on meeting customer needs and wants through its products. In this case, companies assume their success depends on customer satisfaction.  Satisfying customers is important to generate loyalty and repeat sales in the long run. The company not only develops a reliable marketing mix but does it… Read More »

Product Orientation: Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses

What it is: Product orientation is a marketing management philosophy by promoting quality products to generate sales. The company assumes product quality as a determinant of demand in the market. They pay less attention to customer needs and wants. They are of the view that consumers will buy if they produce a product with superior quality, performance and features, regardless of… Read More »

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Asset-Led Marketing

Asset-led marketing has both advantages and disadvantages. Although focusing more on internal strengths to satisfy consumer needs and wants is relatively inexpensive, core competencies are not always relevant to market demands. Dynamic market environment. Tastes and consumers can change from time to time. Likewise, competition is also dynamic. Such factors can make the competitive advantage built through past core competencies no longer… Read More »