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Business Investment: Definition, Purpose, Types, How to Evaluate

What it is: Business investing is about investing to make more money. You can identify it with an increase in the company’s assets or productive capacity. We relate it to capital expenditures. We might also categorize inventory investment as business investment, as when we measure gross domestic product. Capital investment is for long term projects. The example is: Building a factory… Read More »

Pressure Group: Definition, Examples, Types, Importance

What it is: A pressure group is an organization with an agenda to lobby or persuade governments or businesses to change their behavior, policies, decisions or take action on a particular issue.  Some members may refer to their organizations as lobby groups and interest groups to avoid associations and negative perceptions about their organization. Pressure groups usually have… Read More »

Public-Private Partnership: Definition, Types, Benefits, Disadvantages

What it is: A public-private partnership or public–private partnership is an arrangement in a public sector project involving the private sector. It is a long term partnership and the private sector may be involved in financing, construction or operation, depending on the type of partnership.  It has been applied in many countries, especially to build infrastructure projects such as… Read More »